Mr. Antonio J. Palumbo once stated that the greatest investment for the future was in the children and young adults of our country.  His overwhelming commitment to youth was clearly exhibited in his support of educational institutions, hospitals, and other charitable organizations.  

Sadly, Mr. Palumbo passed away on December 16, 2002.  However, he created a perpetual gift to so many and his spirit of generosity lives on through the 

A. J. and Sigismunda Palumbo Charitable Trust.


A. J. Palumbo, PCM (Poor Coal Miner)

1906 - 2002

"I've been successful, and somehow I feel an obligation to pay back to society, and particularly to help young people to achieve their future potential."
"Can you tell me a better investment than in the future of your country?"
"People give to success, not to failure."
"I want to give some of what I've earned back to people who have worked hard."
                                                                                                   Antonio J. Palumbo


It is the mission of the A. J. and Sigismunda Palumbo Charitable Trust to make Western Pennsylvania a better place by providing hope for the future and improving the quality of life for those who need our help and support. Our priorities include: 

St. Marys Charities, Catholic Education, Health Care, and Social Services for Youth. 


P. J. Palumbo, M.D. (Chairman)

Mr. John W. Kowach (Vice-Chairman)

Mr. David A. Ricchuito (Treasurer)

Mr. Rex W. Knisley (Secretary)

Mr. Don W. Fleming

Mr. Robert Y. Kopf, Jr.

Mr. Robert A. Ordiway

Mr. Joseph L. Palumbo

Mrs. Karin R. Pfingstler

Mrs. JoAnne Ryan

PNC Bank (Corporate Trustee)




John W. Kowach, Executive Director

Mary Rae Kowach, Administrative Assistant 

1659 Rt. 228, Suite 4

Cranberry Township, PA 16066

Phone:  (724) 778-9984

Fax:  (724) 778-9985